Murach’s PHP and MySQL

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  1. tondar85 says:

    Hello,thank you for great site.i need the book “Murach’s MySQL ” ( can you please find an provide it?it’s one of best book written in mysql category and certainly will attract many visitors.thank you very much.

  2. Wow! says:

    I will upload Murach’s books soon. Please bookmark Wow! eBook.

  3. jugal says:

    Please Upload Murach’s MySQL soon I need this 5 star Rating Book for Study Purpose…
    As I am Java Developer and require MySQL database for My Application…


  4. sherif says:

    There is a problem for downloading this book
    another thing
    please tell me what is the best book for beginner like me to learn PHP, i know u shouldn’t tell me that but i wish u do

  5. fighterjetpilot says:


    As a customer in put it, this book is very suitable for beginners, so I echoed his view here for you and others.

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